Single Ka?

Nakakamiss din talaga ang mag personal blog eh no, yung totoong kahit ano ang sabihin mo – ayos lang, naalala ko dati nung nagsimula ako sa wordpress parang ganito lang din, pwedeng sabihin kahit ano, tagalog ayos lang.. at nakaka miss din yung dati pahabaan pa ng comment at talagang babalik pa yung mga commenters para sumagot ulit. =) Simple lang talaga! =)

Halos 5 years na din pala tong bonistation counted ang wordpress.com days! =) kahit ang dalang ng post ng mga nakaraang taon eh buhay padin at pasensya na talagang busy lang sa Taragis.Com (haha promote parin?). So anong latest? anong bago sa inyo? sana makapag kwentuhan uli tayo sa mga comment, at makadalaw din sa mga blogs nyo...

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Happiness is Contagious

Yes it is. Am sure you would agree that everyone wants happiness but not everyone knows how to gain the real happiness we want. For me, I always make things simple to be happy. Instead of waiting for somebody to boost the level of happiness in me, I would rather reach out and make someone else feel great.  This I consider as the easiest and fastest way to be happy.


There are lots of ways that can make or influence others to feel great each day.  Some would need much effort but we can always make our life easy, I mean it won’t really take much of our time and effort to boost someone else’s happiness level. A simple act of kindness whether to your family, friend, colleagues, or even to strangers may seem immaterial to you, but the impact to their lives could be enormous.  Holding the elevator button to let other people get in, giving our seat to a pregnant woman standing, or picking up something that was dropped – all brings smile to others.  And seeing these smiles lifts our spirit. Simple yet significant act of kindness that is really contagious.

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Be honest, it pays off!

I guess it’s a common thing to us. If we like someone or otherwise, it takes a lot of effort to say “I like you,” or “I don’t like you.” We always think of pleasing words to say that most often than not, make simple situation and things complicated.

But, it should not be that complicated, we can always make it simple. Why complicate life?

And I think the easiest way to make life simple is by being honest.  We can simply say, “know what, you have the most fascinating face I’ve seen this whole night, and I like you!”, or “I’m sorry but we have nothing in common, and I don’t like hanging around with you.” By being honest and tactful make things simple. It’s not that people will like us more if we don’t lie, but that honesty really pays off.

My boss asked me to install an antivirus to his laptop.  But in the process, the system failed and some important files were corrupted which unfortunately were unrecoverable. I could create great lengths of excuses, but do you think it will make my life simple? Isn’t it easier to tell the truth and face the consequences for being careless? It’s easier to just say, “Boss, this may not sound funny, but I dumped some of your files because I’ve been a total idiot.” (Haha, I’m pretty sure this won’t happen to me because I’m so really careful handling those kind of things.)

And what does honesty give us?

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