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Add lights to your model buildings and scenery

Lighting provides another component of realism and is one of the best ways to make models look more lifelike.

LED Light

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How I started my N Scale Layout

I’ll be sharing some of the infos on how I started my own layout. Right now, my current layout houses four tracks including the Kato Unitram (City area). It is laid on top of 30 x 70 inches surface.


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Hey, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Sorry for the long hiatus on this personal blog! I’ve been in the Philippines for a couple of years now and been busy with my daytime job, my tech blog, and my N-Scale hobby trains (wala paring love life ahe).

And to kick off my return, I’ll be sharing my N-Scale train collection here! I’ll be using this site to blog my interest on this 1:150 scale things ;-)

Why I like model trains?

Since childhood, I’ve been engaged in playing toy trains. In the late 80’s, my dad brought home an HO scale train set, it’s magnificent as I could remember and usually play with it with my kuya (actually sa kanya ‘yun) and as years passed, wear and tear occurred until it got broke :-(

My interest fired up again during the last years of my stay in th...

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