Setup Helipad for Tomica Doctor Heli

I find a relatively small helicopter from Tomica collection at Robinsons’ Toys R-Us for around Php 250. Tomica Doctor Heli, the scale is at 1:167. Though the scale size reads nearly N-scale, it’s bigger than the usual n-scale model size. Nevertheless, it still looks nice with my current layout.

Tomica Doctor Heli

Googling “helipad sticker” keyword will lead you to a number of designs that you may purchase online, save and or print for personal use.

Doctor Heli Helipad

In my helipad, I have added LED lights which I bought from DEECO electronics (see: Add lights to your model buildings and scenery), to make it more lively and realistic.

Helipad with LED

NScale Helipad

I also installed blinking LED inside the chopper by drilling a hole underneath. I installed power connector on each side of the landing skid and on the landing pad. Whenever the chopper lands on the pad, the power goes up, turning the LED light on. Look at the video below:

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