How I started my N Scale Layout

I’ll be sharing some of the infos on how I started my own layout. Right now, my current layout houses four tracks including the Kato Unitram (City area). It is laid on top of 30 x 70 inches surface.


Wood works

I used half inch thick plywood. Though you can use thinner than half inch, you’ll be needing additional wood (dos por dos) for frames which could also take time to build.


The layer underneath is intended for all the wirings, while the bigger space next to it could serve as drawer for other stuff.



This is my initial setup, which later became my layout’s starting point.


My first train sets are from Bachmann, the Empire Builder (44 inch x 24 inch oval track) and Freight Master (34 inch x 24 inch oval track). As I initially don’t have extra tracks to expand the layout, I combined the two oval tracks to make a larger layout out of them, and the drawback is I need to set aside one set of trains.

Layout Design

In the layout, I have put up 3 areas, a city with modern buildings and light railways, a rural area with farms and animals and an industrialized zone with oil rig. I also put up  2 tunnels, one below the city and the other underneath the mountain.




That’s all for now!

3 comments to How I started my N Scale Layout

  • Belle Silvestre  says:

    Hi, good day Mr. Bon, may i ask, if you are the one who made those trains and other n-scales?
    Thank you. Have a good day!

    Belle Silvestre

    • Bon  says:

      Hi Belle, nope, i just designed the layout and some other customizations (like putting up lights etc), trains and other nscale stuff can be bought in hobby shops. thanks for visiting!

  • AL Sagana  says:

    super nice and very cool setup sir! magastos na libangan pero rewarding. btw, where did you buy the N scale train sets here in PH? thanks in advance.

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