Hey, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Sorry for the long hiatus on this personal blog! I’ve been in the Philippines for a couple of years now and been busy with my daytime job, my tech blog taragis.com, and my N-Scale hobby trains (wala paring love life ahe).

And to kick off my return, I’ll be sharing my N-Scale train collection here! I’ll be using this site to blog my interest on this 1:150 scale things ;-)

Why I like model trains?

Since childhood, I’ve been engaged in playing toy trains. In the late 80’s, my dad brought home an HO scale train set, it’s magnificent as I could remember and usually play with it with my kuya (actually sa kanya ‘yun) and as years passed, wear and tear occurred until it got broke :-(

My interest fired up again during the last years of my stay in the Middle East. Day in, day out, was hooked in Youtube videos watching hobbyists as they completed their train layouts. Though there’s no outlet selling scale model trains in Al Khobar, I asked a friend who’s traveling to the US to buy me N Scale train sets via Amazon, and that’s where it all started.

N-Scale Trains Philippines

Why N-Scale?

Model trains come in many different sizes or scale. The two most popular scale are HO and N-scale. N-scale model trains are sized to 1:150 up to 1:160. In other words, these are 1/160th the size of a real train. For the HO, scale size is 1:87.

The letter “N” actually stands for the German word “Neun” (translation: Nine) meaning there are nine millimeters between the rails of N-Scale track. I choose N-Scale because it doesn’t require large area or space for the layout, or even if you have large space, you’ll be able to maximize it and could put up tons of n-scale things.

With this blog, I’ll be putting up some basic information on how I accomplished my layout (See the video below). And if you want to start your hobby with model trains, welcome aboard!


  • Dex  says:

    Where can I see this model scale? I’ve been to Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland so when I saw this works of yours, parang gusto ko ring makita.

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